Fanatic hockey players get attached to their own stick, and they don’t like it if it needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, there eventually comes a time when your trusty hockey stick really needs to be replaced. If you then choose a durable, high-quality hockey stick, you can be sure that you can rely on the same stick for years to come.

If your hockey stick is going to wear out

Hockeysticks are sturdy and can therefore certainly withstand a few hits. You can play many games and training sessions, but in the long run you can’t escape wear and tear. Often the grips will wear out first. We are talking about the basic grips and overgrips. The basic grip is standard on the stick when you buy it and is meant to absorb the biggest shocks, so the rest of the stick remains better protected. The overgrip is an extra accessory, which can be applied over the base grip. This increases both moisture and shock absorption. You can of course replace the grips when they are worncout. Then you can continue with your stick for a while.

Buy a new stick

Playing with a worn stick is not pleasant. The playing comfort is in the first place deteriorating, but also the quality of your game is deteriorating. You often perform worse if your stick is not 100% alright, especially because the low wear spots affect your stroke. When that happens, it’s really time for a new stick, and then of course you’ve come to the right place! We have high quality sticks made of durable materials, so you can last a long time with these sticks. Stick to your stick is a statement that certainly applies here, because these sticks have a long life span, even with very intensive use. You can become familiar with them without any worries. These sticks do not wear out quickly and therefore will last for many training sessions and competitions.

Choose your hockey stick

You can choose a new stick from the wide range of Hockey-webshop.com. Not only is there a good choice of sizes, you also have enough choice when it comes to design. All sticks are durable and of the highest quality, so if you really want to play for a long time with your favourite stick, you’re sure to find the stick that suits you best!

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