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Hockey shinguards

There are different kinds of shin guards, with or without an anklepiece. Ones with anklepiece are put on before you put on your hockey socks. The anklepiece makes sure the shinguard stays at the same place on your shin. Ones without an anklepiece are put on after you already have your hockey socks and shoes on. They stay in place because of your hockey shoes, or because of an elastic. Most shinguards are available in multiple sizes. It is very important to have the right size, because it will give you the best protection, and it will be most comfortable. Order a new pair of shinguards now at!

Shinguards are mandatory during an official hockey game

It is mandatory to wear them during an official hockey game, so they can’t be missing. Make sure you have good fitting shinguards so you won’t have any trouble with them while you are playing.

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