Penalty corner protection

Penalty corner protection

Among other things, the corner masks are located on this page. Corner masks are necessary for any defender when it comes to defending a penalty corner. They are not mandatory, but it is strongly recommended to wear one during a penalty corner. High-quality corner masks will make sure your vision is not impacted by the mask, while you will still be protected from the ball. It is very important that a mask doesn’t slip or fall off of your face since this can create dangerous situations.

More protection


Shinguards are mandatory during the whole game, not just during penalty corners. Shinguards will protect your legs from incoming hockey sticks or balls. It is possible to wear shinguards with or without the ankle piece, however, the ankle piece offers more protection. Furthermore, it means that your shinguard is less likely to slip off your leg.


Next to the previously mentioned forms of protection, mouthguards are also an important piece of protection during penalty corners. A ball, hockey stick or even the arm of someone else can damage your teeth. A mouthguard will protect your teeth in such cases. Your lips are also protected against your teeth.

Hockey gloves

Finally, you can include hockey gloves in your protection equipment. The hockey gloves will protect you against hockey sticks and balls. Furthermore, it will not decrease your grip on the stick.

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    Grays Facemask Clear

    Product information Grays Facemask Clear hockey protection

    The Grays Facemask Clear protection product is suitable for every hockey player. The Grays products are from top quality. You will be optimally protected using this product, so you can give it your all during an important match! A lot of protection products are mandatory nowadays, so you want to make sure you have all of them. Examples of these proucts are shinguards and mouthguards, and we offer the best from both of these!

    Characteristics of the Grays Facemask Clear:

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