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Should I buy a mouthguard or not?

There are many stories about hockey players who lose tooth pieces by a hockey ball or a hockey stick. Of course we all want to have a perfect set of teeth without bits off or missing pieces. This is what we like to see in our children, correct them, because they still have to do a long time with their teeth. Dental injuries are common in the so-called contact sports, such as hockey. Therefore, wearing a hockey mouthguard in this sport so important.

The risk of playing hockey without a mouthguard

The hockey ball or hockey stick can damage the teeth and even cause dangerous injuries. Forty percent of the accidents in hockey are tooth injuries. For the safety of yourself and your child it is very important to wear a well-fitting mouthguard while playing hockey.

The advantage of online ordering

Mouthguards are available¬†in all shapes, sizes and colors. We deliver mouthguards of different brands. The uncluttered shop helps you decide which mouthguard is perfect for your teeth. buying online at the shop has even more advantages. It’s cheaper than in stores, you can easily choose from a wide range of products and a are sure of a secure payment. When you order a product in bulk, you will receive a bulk discount.¬†

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