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Indoor hockey sticks

Indoor hockey sticks

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Indoor hockey sticks

Indoor hockey sticks are different from regular sticks in a few ways. Indoor sticks weight less, and are also more flat. This is due to the different playstyles indoor and outside. You are only allowed to push the ball indoors for example, and not to hit it. Because of this rule, indoor sticks have a better durability than regular sticks. This is also the reason why indoor sticks are made out of carbon. You can easily make quick moves with your stick because the stick is so light.

It is very important to make sure you have the right size hockey stick. In the table below you can find out what size is the right one for you. offers different sizes hockey sticks, starting from 30 inch, all the way to 37,5 inch.

You are required to play with an indoor hockey stick while playing indoor, regular sticks are not allowed. Indoor sticks are usually cheaper than regular hockey sticks, and also offers you an extra discount on indoor hockey sticks!

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Length in cm  <100 100-108 109-117 118-125 126-133 134-139 140-145 145-150  >150 (Own choice)
Stick length 24″ 26″ 28″ 30″ 32″ 34″ 35″ 36″ 36,5″=Sr. 37,5″.