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Hockey balls

Hockey balls

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What hockey balls are there?

-The Standard ball, this ball has a smooth surface and is suitable for sand-filled fields. The standard balls are normally the cheapest balls and are often used for training.
– The dimple ball, this hockey ball has an uneven surface. The ball has small dimples, thanks to these dimples the ball doesn’t let swing in the air. The dimple balls are used on water fields.
– The Kookaburra ball, this hockey ball, like the dimple ball has uneven surfaces. The Kookaburra ball is a very suitable ball for the absolute elite. All matches in the national competitions in the league are played with this ball. The material this ball has, sticks on your stick and the ball wighs less than the standard dimple and hockey balls. The Kookaburra ball is qualitatively the best and you also pay for it.
– The Indoor ball, this hockey ball is used for indoor hockey. The indoor hockey balls are lighter than field hockey balls.
– The Outdoor ball, hockey This is used for the normal/artificial grass fields.

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