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TK Hockey Sticks

TK has been a prominent player on the hockey market for over 26 years and the brand is sold in 70 countries world wide.  The TK brand is a testament to knowledge and quality, which shows in each of their products. Through a vast amount of experience TK knows exactly what players are looking for in their hockey equipment and they make sure preferred features are incorporated into their products so customers enjoy their TK products to the fullest.

Origins of the TK brand

The history of TK hockey sticks starts with Thomas Kille from Germany, the founder of the brand. Thomas was a skilled hockey player unsatisfied with the quality of the hockey sticks available at the time. While studying business economics he decided to start a project where he would reinforce existing hockey sticks with fibre glass and polyester materials. Thomas sold his hockey sticks to other players, including some very skilled and well known players he knew from his past. Through his network in the area of field hockey demand for hockey sticks from this brand increased rapidly. Now, over 26 years later, TK is an established and versatile brand. Nowadays the brand does not only sell hockey sticks but other hockey equipment as well, such as: shin guards, stick bags, face masks and more.

Buy a TK hockey stick with ease

TK’s assortment of hockey sticks consists of various designs and colours. Whether you like a brightly coloured hockey stick that stands out on the pitch or a more traditional looking design, our brand has a suitable hockey stick for you. The top of the line TK Total One CB-512 Deluxe Late Bow Extreme for example is a hockey stick made with the latest technology. The TK Total One CB-512 is constructed using 100% carbon braided material so the hockey stick can withstand extreme impacts while remaining light in weight. Also, the revolutionary shape of the hockey stick is designed so a hockey player can transfer the maximum amount of hitting power from the hockey stick to the ball. The TK Synergy S6, which offers two colour options, is a hockey stick from a lower price category and with only 30% contains less carbon material compared to the high end hockey sticks.

No matter what budget you have available for buying a hockey stick, TK offers a wide price range to choose from. Should you have any questions regarding one of our  hockey sticks, feel free to contact us at