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Reece Hockey Sticks

The hockey stick assortment of Reece Australia has high tech hockey sticks, different bow types and hockey sticks with an extra long grip. Reece Australia offers a complete collection with hockey sticks for all player types both junior and senior. Winning several consumers awards for durability and quality has helped Reece Australia to establish itself in the world of field hockey as a reliable supplier of hockey equipment.

Reece Australia RX series

The RX series has different models that vary in composite material content. Carbon, fibre glass and Kevlar are used for the Reece RX series. The high end spectrum of the series consists of hockey sticks with a carbon content of 90% , such as the Reece RX 130 Skill,  while hockey sticks with a carbon content of 50% are also available. Hockey sticks from the RX series may have added innovative features to improve performance, depending on the model. Possible features are: a shock absorbing end cap, the addition of titanium for extra stiffness, the use of Hyper Carbon for extra power and control, an extra long grip and extra added cork to reduce vibrations.

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In our online shop we offer Reece junior hockey sticks, such as the Reece RX 60 Junior Royal White, as well as senior hockey sticks, such as the Reece RX 120 Power. We also have Reece Australia clothing available in our Hockey clothes section. Should you have any questions regarding one of our Reece hockey sticks, feel free to contact us at