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Mercian Hockey Sticks

Passion, knowledge, energy and enthusiasm are the four key points that are emphasised in all Mercian products. A company history that spans 40 years means that Mercian has experienced multiple changes in the sport of field hockey. One example is the change from playing on natural grass only to playing on mostly artificial turf pitches. Also, Mercian experienced the development of composite hockey sticks when predominantly wooden hockey sticks were used. Everything Mercian has learned during this 40 year history is now applied in the production of Mercian hockey sticks. The hockey sticks they produce today have several different characteristics.

Hockey sticks with a rough finish

Mercian’s Evolution line has a silicone rubber coating on the playing side of the hockey stick. This rough finish to the head of the hockey stick provides more friction for better ball control and easier execution of tricks. The tiny rubber particles in the silicone rubber provide more texture and flexibility to the surface of the hockey stick which provide the improved friction mentioned before.

Fibre glass & carbon

The base material for most hockey sticks nowadays is fibre glass, often combined with a certain percentage of carbon. The carbon content adds extra stiffness and strength to a hockey stick. Mercian produces hockey sticks with a varying amount of carbon content. Some junior hockey sticks are completely made of the cheaper fibre glass such as the Mercian 200-series. Other hockey sticks have a very high carbon percentage and are more expensive, such as theĀ Mercian Evolution 0.2 Ultimate Bend, which has a carbon percentage of 95%.

Buying a Mercian hockey stick at Hockey-webshop.com

We offer a variety of Mercian hockey sticks in our online shop for both senior and junior players. The hockey sticks available are suitable for all budgets as we offer models from different price classes to our customers. Should you have any questions regarding a Mercian hockey stick, feel free to contact us at info@hockeygear.eu.

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