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Malik Hockey Sticks offers a wide variety of Malik hockey sticks. These hockey sticks are tough, stylish and suitable for players of all competitive levels. Due to the light weight of a Malik hockey stick the handling performance is improved. A balanced mix between fibre glass and carbon ensures both better ball control as well as the stiffness required for powerful hits.

Malik Carbon Tech Line

The latest Malik hockey sticks are from the Carbon Tech series. This series is constructed by using a composite material consisting of carbon, fibre glass and aramid. A small amount of aramid (5%) is added to each Malik Carbon Tech hockey stick to increase durability. The high end model has 90% carbon content and 5% fibre glass content in addition to the aramid material while the base model has a carbon and fibre glass content of 50% and 45% respectively. A higher carbon content is more suitable for experienced players while a higher fibre glass content is beneficial for players new to the game. The Malik Carbon Tech can either have a dribble curve or multi curve stick head. The dribble curve is better suited for attacking players as it enhances stick handling while dribbling. As the name suggests, the multi curve is more suitable for the all-round player that has to fulfil different roles during a game. Each Malik Carbon Tech model is identifiable by its colour. All models are available in 36.5 inch (standard) and some are also available in 37.5 inch.

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You can order your brand new Malik hockey stick with ease in our online shop. has everything for your field hockey needs, including different hockey grips such as a chamois grip to customise your hockey stick. Should you have any questions regarding one of our Malik hockey sticks, feel free to contact us at