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Indian Maharadja

Indian Maharadja

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Indian Maharadja

The brand Indian Maharaja is not, as its name suggests, a brand from India, but from the Netherlands. Indian Maharadja was founded in the 80’s. Their credo is “East Meets West”, and the brand also makes several references to ‘East’. Several hockey sticks have names in Urdu, the language spoken in Pakistan. This is because the best wooden hockey sticks were originally made in Pakistan. Indian Maharadjas hockey sticks are known for their high quality and paying attention to details.

What Indian Maharadja hockey sticks do we offer?

If you are looking for a hockey stick, chances are that you will succeed with a hockey stick of Indian Maharadja. Indian Maharadja has already developed several lines, which often have names referring to their oriental inspiration, such as the Delhi line, Punjabi line and Gravity Jhuknaa line. In each line you can find hockey sticks in different price ranges, depending on the carbon content which is processed in a particular stick. If the carbon content is higher, the cost is also higher. The Indian Maharadja Gravity Navy for example, falls into a higher price range than the Indian Maharadja Gravity Aqua. The hockey sticks of Indian Maharadja are suitable for everyone because of the wide range of sticks that they offer. Whether you are just beginning to discover the sport of hockey, more experienced or even professional – the hockey sticks of Indian Maharadja will certainly appeal. Not only because of the high quality, but also because of the design.

Indian Maharadja is known for its subtle and simple designs. A true must have are the hockey sticks of the Sword line, available in different versions and with different carbon percentages. Hockey sticks in this line are great for any hockey player who values balance, strength and feel. They are characterized by a curvature of 24 mm, and moreover have a backhand protection. For example, you can choose the Indian Maharadja Golden Sword with 85% carbon. Other flagship products are found in the Indian Maharadja Gravity line. Consider the Indian Maharadja Gravity Navy with 70% finely woven carbon and nano 100% carbon, shock absorption and a backhand protection. If you are committed to having good ball control and making an impression with a hard shot, then the hockey sticks in the Gravity line is a must for you.

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