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Grays hockey sticks

Grays is a highly professional hockey brand, well respected among professional athletes. Like the other brands on this, the quality of the brand in their products is very high. Furthermore Grays is very innovative, they have developed special Grays hockey sticks which are conducted easier and better on have certain benefits. These benefits could be, a better push, scoop, damping, ball acceleration, shock absorption balance etc.

Grays is an English brand and originated in Cambridge. Since it’s creation it always remained in family hands, the current owner of grays is the fifth generation in the family business. This top brand has always been known for its innovation, because their hockey sticks have always been successful.

Nowadays all Grays hockey sticks are equipped with various new techniques, the brand now has its’ IFA ‘and’ ERH technology. Due to the IFA first touch is absorbed by the surface of the hockey stick, which reduces shock when controlling the ball. ERH is designed to minimize the impact of receiving the ball to reduce pressure on the hands, wrists and forearms. The thermoplastic rubber sleeve around the handle gives players more grip while playing.

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