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Dita Hockey Sticks

Each Dita hockey stick is made using a unique combination of carbon, fiberglass and aramid. Fiberglass and carbon result in a trade-off between flexibility and stiffness respectively while the aramid material increases the shock-absorbing properties. Every composite created provides a certain uniformity in shape, weight, and balance so hockey sticks for every player type can be created. All these characteristics together make Dita hockey sticks high-quality products.

Do you have difficulty finding the right stick that suits you? Then take a look at our stick guide.

Technology and shipping

Nano Resin Technology

Dita has developed a new technology to create ultra-light hockey sticks called Nano Resin Technology or NRT. This technology blends together different layers of carbon material which results in a lighter hockey stick with unparalleled stiffness. A lighter hockey stick is also beneficial for ball speed, ball control, and balance. The new Dita Exa series has been equipped with NRT, this series has the Dita Exa 700 NRT as the absolute top model.

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Besides the high-end Dita Exa series, we also sell other Dita models for both junior and senior players in our online shop. The Dita FX R10 Junior for instance is a hockey stick for younger players available in different colours. Are you looking for a senior hockey stick but find Dita’s high-end products too expensive, take a look at the Dita Terra 10. Should you have any questions regarding one of our Dita hockey sticks, feel free to contact us at info@hockeygear.eu.

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