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Cyclone Hockey Sticks

Cyclone Hockey is a relatively new brand, it started designing and producing exclusive hockey sticks in 2006. Products are only supplied to retailers specializing in field hockey. Cyclone Hockey distinguishes itself from others on the market by making strong and exclusive hockey sticks. The focus on hockey stick strength originates from the founders, of whom one was a player possessing a strong shot, which he trained a lot. Due to the fact that his hockey stick often let him down the founders of Cyclone Hockey decided to develop their own hockey stick, tailoring it to their needs.

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Cyclone strength

The key to the strength of Cyclone hockey sticks lies in placing the different carbon fiber layers at an angle of 45 degrees relative to each other which reduces the risk of breaking significantly. Moreover, carbon fibers are placed in straight lines to guarantee stiffness and strength throughout the hockey stick. A hockey stick with increased hitting power also requires improved shock absorption. All Cyclone hockey sticks have a shock-absorbing mat made of a mix between cork and rubber for more hitting comfort.

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Choosing Cyclone Hockey means choosing a high quality hockey stick for a reasonable price. Carbon content varies from 40% in the Cyclone C4017 Low Bow to 90% in the Cyclone C9017 Low Bow. Should you have any questions regarding one of our Cyclone hockey sticks, feel free to contact us at info@hockeygear.eu.

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