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Brabo Hockey Sticks

Good, better, best! The motto that continues to reflect Brabo’s ambition. This motto indicates a drive to keep improving products that are alreay top quality. Through high levels of innovation and by heeding the feedback from sponsored players like Margot van Geffen en Jelle Galema Brabo ensures that every player can maximize their potential.  A combination of revolutionary and traditional designs are available so Brabo can appeal to all hockey enthusiasts.

Brabo innovations

Brabo has introduced several new features to their hockey sticks as part of their quest for continued innovation. One of these is the special TeXtreme carbon, which can be found in a number of Brabo hockey sticks such as the Brabo Textreme X-1. The TeXtreme carbon increases the stiffness of a hockey stick while reducing the weight, this way the amount of composite used can be reduced. This, in turn, results in the possibilty to place the swing weight of the hockey stick in an exact location to fine tune performance. Another feature is the Powerzone, which spreads the impact forces of a backhand shot through the entire shaft of the hockey stick increasing durability. Even more stiffness is created by the Wrap Around Technology, which are extra layers of high quality carbon.

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Brabo hockey sticks are available in different price ranges. The premium model is the Brabo Textreme X-LTD while the Brabo Heritage 30 Black/White is more suitable for beginners or recreative players. If you have questions about a Brabo hockey stick or any other product in our online shop mail to for more information.