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Adidas hockey sticks?

Adidas has produced the last years a lot attractive products with high quality. The Adidas sticks are nicely designed and have the good compositions for each player. The gem of the Adidas hockey sticks is the Adidas TX24 Carbon Dualrod. This stick is like many other Adidas sticks equipped with the Adidas techniques adiGrip, Dualrod and Touch Compound. AdiGrip:New grip tape combining traditional PU with Chamois-like touch. Dualrod: Two Carbon rods filled with foam to aid in shock absorption whilst increasing the power. Touch Compound: Will support the contact patch with hook to ball and keeps it under control for better accuracy.

Which Adidas sticks are available?

Adidas hockey sticks are offered in several categories, High-end sticks like the adidas DF24 Carbon Dual Rod, this is one of the most expensive adidas hockey sticks. For the price you get the best quality. Adidas also offers cheaper sticks, like the Adidas W24 Compo 1 Dual Rod. In addition, adidas also offers discount hockey sticks to. These are the cheapest hockey sticks thinking of the Adidas LX24 Compo 6.

Are you looking for the creme de la creme? Adidas now comes with the adidas Carbonbraid, the first drive in the world that is completely out of carbon fiber braided!

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