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Searching for a new field hockey stick?

When you buy a brand new hockey stick, you should take several issues into account. Do you need a big or small hockey stick? Do you need a heavy or light stick? Finding the right one isn’t a hard job with Hockey-webshop.com. Thanks to the wide range of the best hockey sticks in our category, you’ll always find what you’re looking for, a hockey stick that fits your needs. The broad variety of hockey sticks is due to the abundance of brands, such as Adidas, Brabo, CycloneDesii, Dita, Grays, Gryphon, Cazador, Indian Maharadja, Mercian, Osaka, Reece, and TK.

Size, width and material

All these sticks come in different sizes and weights. The standard size for seniors is 36.5 “, but Hockey-webshop.com also offers larger hockey sticks (37.5 “t / m 38″) and smaller hockey sticks for juniors (26 “t / m 35.5″). To measure the perfect length of your hockey stick you can put a stick next to you and watch where the grip ends. If the hockey stick reaches the front of your hips, then the length perfectly fits with your body. Besides the variation in size, your stick can also vary in weight. Hockey-webshop.com offers medium, light, extra light and extra extra light hockey sticks. This option depends on what your personal preferences are. A light stick is more flexible and a heavy stick improves the power of hitting the hockey ball.

Material hockey stick

Finally, it is necessary to look at the material the hockey stick is made of. Hockey used to be a sport with online field hockey sticks that were made out of wood. Currently, wooden hockey sticks have lost their interest. Almost every hockey player owns a composite hockey stick nowadays. These hockey sticks are often produced with multiple high-quality plastic materials. Fiberglas is mainly used for firmness and sustainability. Kevlar/Aramide improves the stiffness, reduces the impact and reduces the vibration. Carbon also increases stiffness which results in more power. The more carbon that is used, the more power there will be when you hit a hockey ball. You will have to decide for yourself which material you favor. Generally speaking, most players prefer a field hockey stick with a high amount of Carbon.

Searching hockey sticks

Searching the perfect hockey stick that fits your needs is very easy for Hockey-webshop.com. On the left side of this page, there is a filter where you can select your searching criteria. It is possible to search on a brand, field type, length, player type, and material. This makes it a lot easier for you to find your ideal hockey stick in our field hockey store.

Hockey-webshop.com offers products from various top brands. We offer these hockey products at very low prices.  If your favorite product is not present in our hockey webshop, or if you have other questions, feel free to send an e-mail to info@hockeygear.eu for more information or a price request. Our online hockey shop is also available in Dutch and German.

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Sticklength 24″ 26″ 28″ 30″ 32″ 34″ 35″ 36″ 36,5″=Sr. 37,5″.

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    Adidas FTX24 Compo 1 2017-2018

    Product information Adidas FTX24 Compo 1 2017-2018 hockey stick

    The Adidas FTX24 Compo 1 2017-2018 is a good stick for every hockey player. The Adidas hockey stick is from top quality. It enables the player to get the most out of their game. For a hockey player, the stick is the most important part, such a stick should suit the player perfectly. Each stick has his own characteristics which makes it special.

    Characteristics of the Adidas FTX24 Compo 1 2017-2018:

    Player type: Adults Fieldtype: Outdoor Stick Brand: Adidas Material: Plastic Stick Length : Colors: black, , Want to buy Adidas FTX24 Compo 1 2017-2018 hockey stick online in our shop? We will ship it worldwide, although the shipping rates differ per country. Order your Adidas hockey stick on Hockey-webshop.com!

    Adidas hockeysticks

    Adidas has produced the last years a lot attractive products with high quality. The Adidas sticks are nicely designed and have the good compositions for each player. Are you looking for the creme de la creme? Adidas now comes with the adidas Carbonbraid, the first drive in the world that is completely out of carbon fiber braided! If you have questions about an Adidas stick or do you have another question? Mail to info@hockegear.eu for more information. All Adidas products we try to keep in stock so delivery is made in principle within 48 hours. Are you an absolute field hockey lover and in need of some new Adidas hockey stick? Hockey-webshop.com (part of Hockeygear.eu) is your number one source of everything related to field hockey. Outfit yourself for performance on the pitch with Hockey-webshop.com, the leading field hockey webshop with all the field hockey gear you’ll need. In our webshop you’ll find the following field hockey equipment besides our hockey sticks: luggage for hockey, hockey balls, hockey shoes, grips and hockey accessories.

    Shipping and delivery of Adidas hockey sticks

    We try to ship all our products within 24 hours. You will receive it depending on the speed of the postal service in your country. France / United Kingdom For orders up to € 220.00 / £ 200.00 / $ 250.00* the shipping costs per order are € 10.95 / £ 9.95 / $ 12.25*, For all orders over € 220.00 / £ 200.00 / $ 250.00*, we charge no shipping. Delivery will take around 3-8 days. United States / Australia / New-Zealand For orders up to € 1000.00 / £ 890.00 / $ 1090.00* the shipping costs per order are € 44.95 / £ 40.00 / $48.95*, For all orders over € 1000.00 / £ 890.00 / $ 1090.00*, we charge no shipping. Delivery will take around 7-18 days. Spain For orders up to € 500.00 / £ 445.00 / $ 544.00* the shipping costs per order are € 19.95 / £ 17.75 / $ 21.75*, For all orders over € 500.00 / £ 445.00 / $ 544.00*, we charge no shipping. Delivery will take around 3-8 days. Netherlands: For orders up to € 100.00 / £ 89.00 / $ 109.00* the shipping costs per order are € 3.95 / £ 3.50 / $ 4.30*. For all orders over € 100.00 / £89.00 / $109.00*, we charge no shipping. Delivery will take around 1-2 days. Belgium / Germany: For orders up to € 250.00 / £ 222.00 / $ 272.00* the shipping costs per order are € 6.95 / £ 6.20 / $ 7.55*. For all orders over € 250.00 / £ 222.00 / $272.00*, we charge no shipping. Delivery will take around 2-5 days. *The amounts of £ and $ may differ from the actual amounts due to the currency rate fluctuations. …

    £ 177.00 £ 106.20
Do you want to buy a hockey stick? Hockey-webshop.com is the hockey store for you. You can find all the newest hockey sticks, from the biggest brands, in our field hockey shop. We offer hockey products from Adidas, Brabo, Cyclone, Desii, Dita, Grays, Gryphon, Guerilla, Indian Maharadja, Mercian, Osaka, Reece, and TK.

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