Asics shoes

Asics hockey shoes


Asics is a brand that has produced quality shoes for many years. That is one of the reasons that Asics hockey shoes are very populair on the hockey field. ASICS stands for ‘Anima Sana In Corpore Sano’ which means: ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body.’ Asics shoes are the second to most popular hockey shoes, right after Adidas.

Asics Gel Blackheath

The Asics Gel Blackheath is their most known shoe, and very popular among hockey players. We offer a wide variety of more Asics shoe models, like the Asics Neo or Asics Typhoon collection. All of these shoes are available in multiple colours and sizes, so the right one will always be there for you.

Why buy Asics hockey shoes

Asics are known to produce high quality hockey shoes, as they have been doing so for years and years already. Hockey-webshop offers all these high quality hockey shoes, whether it be field hockey or indoor hockey. Asics creates the best shoes in both categories!

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