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Hockey shoes?

When you are looking for new hockey shoes you should take a number of aspects into account. Important aspects for buying men’s hockey shoes of women’s hockey shoes are shock absorption, stability and assistance, comfort, protection and grip. When you want to order hockey shoes which fulfil your needs you should take all these things into account. A hockey shoe that fits your feet prevents a lot of injuries. You can order indoor shoes and outdoor shoes on our webshop.

Shock absorption and more information

Good shock absorption is important for reducing the powers that get released while playing hockey. The ground, your weight and your walking habits determine if you should take a closer look at the shock-absorbing ability of a hockey shoe. If the ground is hard, like artificial turf, or if you’re weight is above average, or if you make ‘high’ steps and therefore a rough landing creates for your feet, it is important that the thickness of the midsole is higher than average. The stability and assistance of a shoe determine how easy it is to sprain your foot.

When you fit your shoe, you should not feel your feet moving in the back of your shoes during a walk. When the shoes are well tied, it should be impossible to fit fingers next or above your feet. Your toes need half a centimetre or a centimetre space between the top of your toes and the shoe for optimal comfort. Make sure that the shoes are tied up pretty tight to reduce the chance of getting blisters. But keep in mind that a shoe that is tied up to tight can lead to a shoe that has a shorter perfect functional life. Always fit your shoes with hockey socks while you are standing up. Hockey shoes are also responsible for the protection of your feet. Make sure that the shoes are water-repellent and firm in case they got hit by a hockey stick, hockey ball or another hockey player. The grip of a hockey shoe is also very important for the reason that you cannot slip. The better the grip, the faster your take-off will be while running.

Cheap Osaka, Brabo, Asics and Adidas hockey shoes

Looking for Adidas hockey shoes?  Then you are at Hockey-webshop.com at the right place because you can find here different beautiful and high-quality models. The Adidas Adipower hockey shoes are an excellent choice due to its good grip for example. Asics hockey shoes has invented shoes that are specially made for an attacker, the Asics Gel Typhoon. It is a light shoe with a low profile and an outstanding grip. Also Brabo hockey shoes are made out of high quality products for an optimal result. The newest hockey brand is Osaka. Osaka hockey shoes are available in a lot of different variations.

Junior hockey shoes

There are also many junior hockey shoes on our site. Adidas has a lot of nice hockey shoes like the Adidas Adipower Jr for example. Brabo tries to meet your needs with the Brabo Lace. Hockey-webshop.com offers multiple hockey shoes from the best brands in de world. Are you looking for a hockey shoe sale? We offer the newest type of hockey shoe for a very low price. If your favourite product is not available in our hockey shop, or if you have other questions, feel free to send an E-mail to info@hockeygear.eu for more information or a price request.

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    Mizuno Wave Gaia 3

    Product information Mizuno Wave Gaia 3 hockey shoes

    The Mizuno Wave Gaia 3 hockey shoe is suitable for every hockey player. The Mizuno hockey shoe is from top quality and very durable. It enables the player to get the most out of their game. Without hockey shoes that fit perfectly, your maximum potential in the game decreases. Good-fitting shoes benefit while playing, because field hockey is very active and good grip and very fast handlings are of utmost importance. The shoes have a trendy design. Each hockey shoe has his own characteristics, which make it special.

    Characteristics of the Mizuno Wave Gaia 3:

    Brand: Mizuno Gender (if applicable): Unisex Fieldtype: Player type: Senior Colors: white, black, black/white Want to buy Mizuno Wave Gaia 3 hockey shoes online in our shop? We will ship it worldwide, although the shipping rates differ per country. Order your Mizuno hockey shoes on Hockey-webshop.com! Are you an absolute field hockey lover and in need of some new Mizuno hockey shoes? Hockey-webshop.com (part of Hockeygear.eu) is your number one source of everything related to field hockey. Outfit yourself for performance on the pitch with Hockey-webshop.com, the leading field hockey webshop with all the field hockey gear you’ll need. In our webshop you’ll find the following field hockey equipment besides our hockey shoes: Field hockey sticks, luggage for hockey, hockey balls, grips and hockey accessories.

    Shipping and delivery of Mizuno hockey shoes

    We try to ship all our products within 24 hours. You will receive it depending on the speed of the postal service in your country. France / United Kingdom For orders up to € 220.00 / £ 200.00 / $ 250.00* the shipping costs per order are € 10.95 / £ 9.95 / $ 12.25*, For all orders over € 220.00 / £ 200.00 / $ 250.00*, we charge no shipping. Delivery will take around 3-8 days. United States / Australia / New-Zealand For orders up to € 1000.00 / £ 890.00 / $ 1090.00* the shipping costs per order are € 44.95 / £ 40.00 / $48.95*, For all orders over € 1000.00 / £ 890.00 / $ 1090.00*, we charge no shipping. Delivery will take around 7-18 days. Spain For orders up to € 500.00 / £ 445.00 / $ 544.00* the shipping costs per order are € 19.95 / £ 17.75 / $ 21.75*, For all orders over € 500.00 / £ 445.00 / $ 544.00*, we charge no shipping. Delivery will take around 3-8 days. Netherlands: For orders up to € 100.00 / £ 89.00 / $ 109.00* the shipping costs per order are € 3.95 / £ 3.50 / $ 4.30*. For all orders over € 100.00 / £89.00 / $109.00*, we charge no shipping. Delivery will take around 1-2 days. Belgium / Germany: For orders up to € 250.00 / £ 222.00 / $ 272.00* the shipping costs per order are € 6.95 / £ 6.20 / $ 7.55*. For all orders over € 250.00 / £ 222.00 / $272.00*, we charge no shipping. Delivery will take around 2-5 days. *The amounts of £ and $ may differ from the actual amounts due to the currency rate fluctuations. …

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Order new indoor hockey shoes or outdoor hockey shoes? No problem! Hockey-webshop.com has a wide range of (cheap) field hockey shoes. We do not only offer hockey shoes from well-known brands like Asics and Adidas but also from other shoe brands like Brabo and Osaka.