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Goalie sticks

Goalie sticks

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Goalie sticks

Goalie sticks aren’t standard hockey sticks. The sticks are made for goalies only, with a special curl. Because of the special curl, the stick has a larger surface, which makes it easier to stop the ball from getting into the goal. These sticks can’t be used by regular field players. offers multiple goalie sticks, in different price ranges. The perfect one for you will always be there! Order them now at for a low price and a great service.

These sticks are available in the brands Grays and TK. We have sticks of 34 inch and 36,5 inch (standard), so it is no problem if you want a smaller sticks size than the standard size. These sticks are made of synthetic material or of carbon.

It is very important to know where you are relative to your goal. Using the circle around the goal, you can exactly see where you are on the field. Even if you are a good goalie, you need to be in front of your goal in order to make sure the ball doesn’t go in.

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