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You can find all the protection gear for the players on this page. Are you looking for protection gear for the hockey goalkeepers? Then you need to go to the hockey goalkeepers equipment.

Shin Guards

Shin guards are required during a hockey game. Shin guards come in several types. Firstly, there are shin guards where an ankle piece is attached, but it’s also options without these ankles pieces. These shin guards remain in place by the socks and/or a rubber band on the protecting piece. Most shin guards are for sale in various sizes. This is a very important thing, because it’s important that a shin guards fits well and it’s way finer to work with.

Hockey Mouthguards

Wearing a hockey mouth guard is compulsory from 1 July 2015 during a hockey game. A good mouth guard protects your teeth for the hockey ball and/or hockey stick. It also ensures that the power of the ball will be spread over all your teeth. If you aren’t wearing a mouth guard, all the power of the ball or stick will be divided on 1 or 2 teeth, which would cause that these teeth fall out. A mouth guard also catches the teeth when these still fall out, so the dentist can place it back in the mouth again.

Hockey Gloves

Hockey-webshop.com also offers hockey gloves to protect your hands. These gloves protect your hand for the ball, stick and surface. In general, hockey gloves are more often used in sports room than on the field. This has to do with the fact that in the sports hall, the ball may only be played on the ground, which causes the stick to be more often low to the ground. The hockey gloves are available in several models. First, you have the full finger model, which covers the entire hand. Secondly you have the half finger model, which protects the hand and the fingers, but leaves the thumb free. Protective gloves are generally meant for the left hand. These gloves protect the hand and especially the knuckles for the artificial turf, the ball and other hockey sticks. Gloves with grip for both hands offer more than only grip, but also protection for heat. This causes you less problems with your hands at a lower temperature. Order today easy and online at Hockey-webshop.com.

Corner Masks

You can also find face protectors on this page. The facial masks aren’t a luxury for the defenders in defending a penalty corner. A good face mask ensures that you can see the ball well, even though it’s protecting your face. It’s very important that the mask not moves suddenly or drops out: this can cause very dangerous situations.

Hockey-webshop.com offers a variety of top brands hockey products. We offer these hockey products at the absolute top prices. If your favorite product isn’t listed here, or if you have other questions. Please mail to info@hockeygear.eu for more information or a quotation.

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