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Are you an absolute field hockey lover and in need of some new equipment? Hockey-webshop.com (part of Hockeygear.eu) is your number one source for everything related to field hockey. Outfit yourself for performance on the pitch with hockey-webshop.com, the leading field hockey webshop with all the field hockey gear you’ll need. In our webshop, you’ll find the following field hockey equipment: Field hockey sticks, luggage for hockey, hockey balls, hockey shoes, grips and hockey accessories of both the current collection as many offers. We also have a large collection of goalie gear and other protective gear for hockey players. When buying at hockey-webshop.com, you’ll get the best deals and great service!

Searching for a new field hockey stick?

When you buy a brand new hockey stick you should take several things into account. Do you need a big or small hockey stick? Does it have to be heavy or light? Finding the right one isn’t a hard job with Hockey-webshop.com. Thanks to a wide range of the best hockey sticks you’ll always find what you’re looking for, a hockey stick that fits your needs. The range consists of various hockey sticks from Adidas, Brabo, Desii, Dita, Grays, Gryphon, Indian Maharadja, Mercian, Osaka, Reece, Ritual, and TK. All these sticks come in different sizes and weight. The standard size for seniors is 36.5 “, but Hockey-webshop.com also offers larger hockey sticks (37.5 “t / m 38″) and smaller hockey sticks for juniors (26 “t / m 35.5″). Besides the variation in size, your stick can also vary in weight. Hockey-webshop.com offers you medium, light, extra light and extra extra light hockey sticks.

Let’s talk hockey bags…

The appearance of your stick bag, sports bag, backpack or shoulder bag is very important nowadays. Therefore you will need to have a good looking bag, which will make you stand out at your hockey club! Your very own comfortable hockey bag will also make your trip to the hockey field a lot easier.

You’ll always get the best prices when you shop at Hockey-webshop.com. Is your favorite product not in stock? Just contact us at info@hockeygear.eu, other questions are welcome as well of course.

Hockey shop UK, United States, Australia… we deliver worldwide!

Do you want to buy a field hockey kit? Are you searching for online field hockey stores throughout Europe? Hockey-webshop.com delivers our hockey equipment throughout Europe, for example, the United Kingdom, but also on the mainland to all other countries. We also deliver to Australia, United States, Canada, South Africa, and Argentina, just ask when you have doubts about shipping to your country.

If you have questions about your order, please mail us at orderverwerking@hoensport.nl

If you would like a quote, ask us for advice or for any other question, please mail at info@hockeygear.eu


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