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Sport bras and others

Sport bras and others

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Sports bras and others

Support is very important for a hockey player. It is not only important during running, jumping and scoring during a match or workout, but also when you bent to the ball. These activities have a significant impact on your body, especially for sensitive limbs such as the breasts. Sport bras are very comfortable and support the breast tenderness. Sport bras are designed to hold the breasts in place while you play hockey. Without a sport bra practicing a sport can be painful.


Hairbands are very populair. They keep your hair on the right place and make sure you have the right sight at a match or training. Without a good sight you become distracted and do not keep attention on your game. The hairbands we offer you are from the brands Osaka and Reece. We have them in a lot of different colors. So make sure you get an eye for the goal.